last man standing

We are running a last man standing competition for the remaining 2023 All-Ireland championships.

Rules are:

  • you must select a winner from the round
  • once you select a team you may not select that team for the rest of the All-Ireland
  • if your team draws you are out
  • for the last 16 you must pick from a different group every week
  • you must enter your team by midnight of the day before the start of the round

Entry is $150. Payout will be $2000

Rounds 1 – 4

LMS Wk 4

Round 5 – Quarter Finals

Use this link to submit entries.

Note: You may not select a team that you have picked before. You must select a winner after normal time. If a match finishes level and goes to extra-time you are out.

Kerry v Tyone

Armagh v Monaghan

Derry v Cork

Dublin v Mayo